Our Story

It all started with a bottle of milk in school…

Milk is a simple thing, aren’t all the best things like that? Something wholesome about them, something unchanging yet completely fulfilling. Like returning home to your family after time away. They said delivering Milk would be simple. Truth be told, most of you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t even display a house number or name! The Cows don’t understand postcodes, and neither do Sat Navs. Local knowledge to the rescue!

So, who would be bonkers enough to travel through the night to make sure “The most freshest of creamery productions” make it to the morning tables of East Yorkshire folk. Well, that would be us for now. Because Milk is wholesome.

And Milk is just the beginning – Breads, Eggs, Cheeses, Creams and more!

Supporting Local

We supply St Quintins Creamery Milk

Weekly Delivery of Fresh Milk, Eggs and Breads

We deliver to towns and villages throughout East Yorkshire twice per week!

Our Story

They said delivering Milk would be simple..

Weekly Delivery

Fresh and local is a recipe for health and success.

Local Specials

Good things come to those who order Milk.